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Amazing, natural product for kids. My son is already showing signs of improvement! I'm so excited to see how much he benefits from continued use. I love buying JoyS products for my family

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I would give more stars if I could. Bought this for my son's focus and concentration. So far so good, he loves the taste, no negative reaction, better focus and attitude

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD and i didn't want to put him on the expensive prescription medicines. i did some research and saw this kids focus supplement it had all organic ingredients and its full of ingredients clinically proven to help with focus attention

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Adrenal Balance - Cushings Treatment

Adrenal Balance - Cushings Treatment

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While other adrenal products may cause irritation, restlessness, or simply suppress symptoms. Adrenal Balance is a truly holistic approach to Cushing's disease, serving to restore balance in the entire HPA axis. 

Adrenal Balance is a 100% herbal remedy formulated to provide natural support to dogs & cats suffering from symptoms of Cushing’s disease. Hormonal balance is a delicate and complex issue that must be approached holistically for long-term success. 

The clinically proven herbs in Adrenal Balance works synergistically to gently and safely restore healthy adrenal function while reducing unpleasant symptoms over time. It is well tolerated without side effects, unlike other approaches.

While we can’t say Adrenal Harmony will instantly cure Cushing’s Disease (no one can make that claim), we can point to success stories of customers who share results like “dog was happy and eating again”…”he’s less anxious than he’s been in some time”…”she runs better and seems happier” 

Ingredients: Astragalus Root, Ginkgo Leaf, Wood Betony Herb, Eleuthero Root, Licorice Root, Gotu Kola Herb, Spearmint Leaf, Lavender Flower, Passionflower Leaf.  

*This product is not intended to cure or treat any disease. 

Customer Reviews

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Incredible product.

My Lulu was diagnosed with cushings a couple of years ago and the vet put her on a terribly toxic med and I decided to look for something holistic. I actually found this on Amazon and finally found it directly from you. It was a miracle she stopped losing hair and started growing regrowth. I had put her on another brand when I could not get it from Amazon and she started losing hair within a week or so. I did not give up and finally found you online. She is growing her hair again and stopped losing hair. Sorry this is so long but please don't stop making this product or change the formulation. We adore our little girl and your product was a miracle.

Product works

I have a noticed a huge difference in my dog since using this product consistently.

Adrenal Balance

It has not been long enough to see improvement.

Improved Energy

Product arrived very quickly and with no shipping fee. Although, with regular consumption, our dog showed no decrease in panting and hunger, he did have increased energy--much less lethargic.


It seems as though it has helped with the hair loss and he seems to have more energy than he had before we started giving him the medicine

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