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Amazing, natural product for kids. My son is already showing signs of improvement! I'm so excited to see how much he benefits from continued use. I love buying JoySpring products for my family

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I would give more stars if I could. Bought this for my son's focus and concentration. So far so good, he loves the taste, no negative reaction, better focus and attitude

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD and i didn't want to put him on the expensive prescription medicines. i did some research and saw this kids focus supplement it had all organic ingredients and its full of ingredients clinically proven to help with focus attention

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Kidney Support for Dogs and Cats

Kidney Support for Dogs and Cats

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While some kidney products may have unintended side effects, make symptoms worse, or simply yield no change in mood or eating, OmegaPet’s KSF1 contains clinically proven natural ingredients that work together to support optimal kidney and bladder health.  This means healthier appetite, more energy, more play time and no meds!


CLINICALLY PROVEN COMPLEX: The herbal ingredients in OmegaPet’s KS formula are clinically proven to support healthy blood pressure, water balance and fluid regulation, and routine endocrine/kidney functioning

JUNIPER BERRY - Juniper berries are great antioxidants and have potent antibacterial, antiviral, diuretic and antiseptic properties.  They’re extremely useful to alleviate health conditions associated to the kidneys and bladder. 

DANDELION LEAF - Dandelion leaves and roots have been used for centuries to treat liver, gallbladder, kidney, and joint problems. ... Dandelion leaf is also a good natural source of potassium

CLEAVERS LEAF - It is a naturally diuretic so it is also good for the kidneys and urinary tract. Cleavers can be used to treat cystitis and urinary conditions. 

CORNSILK - Corn silk is used for bladder infections, inflammation of the urinary system, inflammation of the prostate, kidney stones, and bedwetting.

NO HARMFUL MEDS: this herbal solution is an effective natural alternative to potentially dangerous drugs or chemicals




These nail clippers are nice. They are comfortable to hold and I love that it has a nail file in the one side of the handle because I always file my dog's nail edges so that they do not snag or crack.


This is amazing for using on our wire haired Shorkie poo. He gets very itchy skin & so far this shampoo has really soothed the issue. I love this shampoo by OmegaPet is all natural because that is so important to me


It shipped quickly, and I followed the simple instructions on the label. It only took about 2 days to begin seeing good results. By the 4th, everything was cleared up and her ears looked and smelled great.”


Customer Reviews

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Tremendous help for older dog with kidney disease

This product helped tremendously my old dog with kidney disease issues and to get her appétit back !
Thank you so much

Young Dog 'Dribbles'

My 1 yr old male lab has been on this product for 5 days. He's been a bit of a 'dribbler' in the house at times (I don't think he even realizes it) and urinates often (every couple of hours), which has been exhausting. He hasn't had a 'dribbling' episode this whole week so far. I confirmed with my vet that he did not have any infection prior to this supplement. They chalked it up to training, excessive water....perhaps (so far at least) he just needed a little extra support in this area. Hopeful this organic supplement will do the trick for the longer term. Myself, him and my house are appreciative.

I would definitely continue to use this product as am very happy with results

I bought this product for my cat who suffers from UTIs and it appears to have helped her. I would definitely continue to use this product as am very happy with results given

Works great, just put it in his wet food and ...

Has really improved the quality of life for my cat. Works great, just put it in his wet food and he doesn't mind a bit.

So far its been almost a month using this on ...

So far its been almost a month using this on my little dog and I have seen an improvement on his health and energy=)

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