Barkbiotic Dog Probiotic Chews

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  • A HEALTHY PET STARTS WITH A HEALTHY GUT - Your pet depends on you to give them the nutrition they need. Unlike other brands, Barkbiotic dog probiotic chews contain prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to keep your dog's insides in tip top shape, giving you peace of mind your pup is taken care of.
  • EFFECTIVE DIGESTIVE- This probiotics dog allergy relief chew is formulated with prebiotics, probiotics, and live enzymes to help your pet find relief from gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, allergies, scratching, hot spots, yeast infections, bad breath, and much more.
  • PREBIOTIC+PROBIOTIC - These dog probiotics and digestive enzymes soft chews also contain prebiotics, which serve as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in the gut. This can help increase the absorption of nutrients and can inhibit unwanted bacteria growth.
  • PAPAYA POWER - Barkbiotic dog probiotics treats contains papaya, which is rich in vitamins C, K, A, and E. Papaya is also known to support heart health and helping relieve constipation.
  • TAIL WAGGIN' GOOD - Made in the USA with premium quality ingredients, this puppy probiotic chew has a yummy chicken bacon flavor, can be taken every day, and used for dogs of all ages and sizes. For long term use, it is recommended you speak with your veterinarian.

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Dogs Don't Like

The dogs just spit these out! Can't get them to eat these at all! But your Dog might be different.

Bear J.
Dogs like them can�t verify results but I feel they are helpful

My dogs like these. I give them each two a day. You can go through these rather quickly if you have 3 dogs like I do. They eat them like treats. I can positively say that I have noticed any health benefits. The ingredients look good but as with all supplements it is hard to get a solid result you can prove.

Ok so far

My dog isn�t overly fond of the flavor but they seem to be ok

Kirstein H.
Worked too well!

My older dog was having some issues with constipation, so I decided to try these on top of the usual mutli vitamin I give him. I guess I should have cut the small chew in half, as it had the complete opposite effect on him. So, they do work, just for him he needed a smaller dose. So start off small. And he will eat them which is a plus. Some of these types of dog supplements neither of my dogs will eat.

L. Sweet
Helps both my dogs

I have two older (13 years) Italian Greyhounds. One has always had digestive issues. I had been using a probiotic powder that I sprinkled on his food. Recently it seems to no longer be effective. The worst is his night time farts. I switched to using the probiotic chews and things have improved. He loves them (be he'll eat anything).Our other IG - has become quite a finicky eater. The vet thinks that it is more an issue with him having an upset stomach. The vet recommended using a probiotic product. This guy is now very fussy about what he eats and if you sprinkle anything on his food, he wants nothing to do with it. So powdered probiotics were out. He is so fussy that at times he will turn his nose up at treats. But he never turns his nose up to these. He tends to have a bit of a problem with the size. The chews aren't that big, but he likes really small bites. They are easy to break in half and he'll gladly eat them. His appetite seems to be doing better now that i have started to give them to him regularly.So two dogs with different issues and these are helping with both.