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Barkbiotics Probiotics for Dogs

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  • RESET FIDO's GUT! This probiotics powder for dogs includes 15 strains of live enzymes to help your pet find relief from gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, allergies, scratching, hot spots, yeast infections, bad breath, and can help keep dogs from eating poop.
  • HEALING OMEGA POWDER! The ONLY dog probiotic to include powder, which provides pet’s with relief from anxiety, joint inflammation, and skin and coat issues, our all-natural probiotic powder is a great source of calming care for your dogs.
  • PROBIOTIC + PREBIOTIC! Providing 2 billion CFU’s per scoop, Barkbiotics is also a prebiotic! Instead of the highly processed food additive Maltodextrin that other probiotics include as a source of fiber – Barkbiotics contains high quality Inulin, a powerhouse of natural nutritional fiber for dogs.
  • INCREASED ENERGY & HAPPINESS To serve, simply sprinkle one scoop of our probiotics and digestive enzyme powder for dogs over food once per day and watch – as your pet’s gut is restored to optimal health, and those uncomfortable, annoying health conditions begin to disappear, your beloved pet will have increased energy, a happier disposition, and a healthier lifetime.
  • GOOD FOR ALL AGES & SIZES Made with all natural, premium quality ingredients, our probiotic powder acts a coprophagic treatment for dogs and provides health and nutritional benefits to both young and old dogs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Going to try for my anxious sometimes stinky girl!
Great energy boost great product.
Good taste and digestion
Good for older dog
Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 41 Reviews
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    Pon R.
    Helped my dog with sensitive stomach to firm up his stool

    I have a dog that has a rather sensitive tummy. He would get loose stool off and on. I tried several brands of probiotics including the expensive ones that the vet prescribed. Then I tried Barkbiotics after my dog had another bout with loose stool and diarrhea. After he was done with his course of antibiotics, I thought I should give him probiotics to replenish his good bacteria. The smell was strong like hemp. My dog actually did not care for it that much because he would not eat his food unless I covered the powder with chicken juice and chicken. But I do think Barkbiotics is effective. My dog's stool got firm. I only gave him one scoop a day. After I used up about 3/4 of a jar (I have 2 dogs), I decided to stop. I didn't think this was the kind of probiotics you have to give the dogs when they are healthy. So far, it's been over a month since I stopped, and both dogs' stool is still firm and perfect. I recommend this product.

    A matter of life amd death! :o

    This product literally saved my dogs life... He is a 14 year old boxer lab,. One week he jist became very ill and was vomiting, dehydrated, wouldnt move,. Intestional issues.... I gave him pumpkin, Pedialyte, and yogurt, he became normal for about a week than his issue came back worse.... Well someone mentioned probiotics so i looked for a product and decided to try this for the ingreadients and price... WOW within a week he was completely different, no issues and the hemp ingredient also helped his joints, he seems 5 years younger and is a happy old man. I am very thankful and recommend this to anyone with a furry friend that wants to give them a healthy supplement or save their life when nothing worked, and I mean nothing... I buy it everytime he gets low and will keep him on it forever.. To this day I'm amazed, it smells good lol and they think it's tasty as well! Thank you!

    Amazon C.
    Raw skin from allergy cleared up

    My dog's skin allergy has cleared up, less scratching on both dogs. I add the powder to hole in pill pockets then give to dogs, this way they get the full amount for their size

    Little M.
    A god send!!

    I recently got the most adorable little rescue dog. Unfortunately his farts are deadly! I purchased this with the hope that it would help alleviate some of the tooting. Not only as the tooting stopped, but the smell is also gone!

    My old boxer is a puppy again!

    I have tried so many kinds of pro and prebiotic blends and brands for my dog’s digestive issues. He seemed to always have loose stools so I knew something was wrong. He has only been on the Barkbiotics for less the 2 weeks and he is his happy and active self again! I have missed playing with him and his goofiness. I highly recommend this product if your pup is having stomach problems.