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DewormGold Herbal Dewormer

  • A DROP A DAY KEEPS THE WORMS AWAY! - Formulated to gently develop a clean and clear digestive tract. This worry free remedy is safe for dogs and cats of all sizes. Say goodbye to scary worms in your petsÕ poop and say hello to healthy lively days of feeling stress free.
  • PROTECT & PREVENT - Ailments like worms can be very frightening to you and your pet. They come with nasty side effects like weird poops, hair loss, and worst. DewormGold is the natural way to fight off the pesky worms and prevent them from coming back. Just a few drops a day really does keep the worms at bay!
  • SKIP THE EXPENSIVE VET VISITS - Aren't you tired of spending an insane amount on money on ailments that can be treated with natural ingredients? Trust us, we've been there. DewormGold is made from natural herbs that treat and prevent worms AND won't cost you a paw or a tail!
  • PURRRFECT FOR CATS & DOGS - We wanted to create a safe and natural way to get rid of nasty worms and keep them from coming back. That's why we created DewormGold from Black Walnut Hull, Clove Bud, and Anise Seed. Giving you real natural ingredients that are non-GMO, safe and work really well! 
  • SAFE FOR ALL BREEDS & SIZES - Easy to use drops are perfect for mixing in their food or drink. DewormGold is naturally made and formulated for protection and prevention from those pesky worms that love to infect your fur babies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Safe for puppies

I tend to go all natural for diet, but when it comes to medications such as this I was a little leery if it would work at all. I have a litter of lab pups and so I gave this a try. It not only worked great, but now I have an all natural way to treat my dogs. Really impressed with this product.

Affordable and effective

I really like that is is made from all natural ingredients so I know that it is safe and healthy for my fur babies. It seems to be just as effective as the expensive stuff from the vet.

And affordable and effective pet dewormer

I like how this pet de wormer product is all natural. Nothing artificial. Safe to give to your pets. Safe for young puppies too. I feel confident using this product. Not expensive either so a great option for all.

Use as directed

My 11 year old cat

Works great

Bought this for an outside cat. Really works. What a change in his coat. It doesn't have a bunch of chemicals in it. He doesn't mind the taste. Would definitely recommend